Lake Idro, a climbing and canyon paradise

For those, looking for a kick, our reception has lots of information about climbing tours, fixed climbing routes or climbing walls. The climbing area around Lake Idro grew in the last few years. In the closer area, easy to reach with a car, there are about 40 climbing rocks. Even in Crone and Vesta (only 2km) are two climbing rocks and a fantastic fixed climbing route, which you can climb easily with your kids.
Just feel free to download our short information about the via ferrata Crench in Crone.

If you don't have the equipment or skills, the AZUR Camping Rio Vantone can organize a climbing guide for you, who will teach you how to climb properly or take you on tours into the higher mountains (like Dolomiti di Brenta, Madonna di Campiglio, Adamello, etc.). On our climbing wall on the campsite you can try out your skills without risk.

Have you ever heard of Canyoning? In the summer month you can book a canyoning tour, which will remain in your memory for a long time. The canyon above Lake Idro is well known not only around Lake Idro, but also for many organisations and groups. Something really original!

And another highlight: Since 2008 there is a kid’s canyon about 20 minutes from AZUR Camping Rio Vantone. You and your kids will love it. A special trained tour guide will accompany even small groups (5 people or more), which can be booked at the reception of AZUR Camping Rio Vantone.

The trail leads through an adventurous river bed and steep up the mountain. Further up, the tour leads over a Tibetan bridge (sweating is a promise). Down the hill you'll go through a fancy canyon, which is possible for kids. You’ll go down, "over the water", for about an hour. You'll be surprised!

You need a last kick? Try a tandem jump on a paraglide, starting in a height of about 1.500 metre down into the valley to about 300 metre. You want to try it? Just ask at the AZUR Camp reception, we’ll be happy to organize a flight for you.