Lake Idro - an Eldorado for water rats

Leo’s surf school at Lake Idro is a permanent institution on our AZUR campsite. Not only that you can learn how to surf in a few days, there are lots of great boards, boats and other water sport gadgets for rent. For those who want an official surfing licence, is able to attend a theory exam at the end of the lesson and can rent a board almost everywhere without problems.

A paddle trip on a pedal boat can be fun as well. There is not only space for the whole family, but also a little diving platform in the back. Great family fun ...

For those looking for a stiff breeze there is a small sailing boat, which is for rent and perfect to upgrade you sailings skills.

In summer we have almost every noon a wind strength of 3 to 4 Beaufort, a great water temperature of about 24°C and really clean water, in which some might like to fall on purpose.

Lake Idro is an ideal surfer district for families and professionals. This has been told by different professional journals.

Naturally Leo’s surfing school is a favoured meeting point for all water rats.

You can relax in the water or find out more about things you can do around Lake Idro.

Around Whitsunday surfers like to meet up at Lake Idro. The water is still a bit chilly, but with a neoprene suit it is no problem. It is recommended to check up at Leo’s if there are any Whitsunday offers available under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A real insider’s tip!!!